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Kachemak Records 

On The Crosswalk (2014) 
#5 in CMJ Top 40 !
what the press Says
Nordic Nu Jazz meets New York vibe.

Original, gorgeous sounding contribution to contemporary music.


The recording On The Crosswalk opts for intimacy between the dedicated musician and the attentive listener, honoring that both playing and listening are deeply personal undertakings.  

Atmosphere is key on this record. Multiple Grammy nominee Tyler McDiarmid's delivers pure and untreated sounds that never feel raw or unfinished.

This is ambtious music making taking place in hushed, un-abrasive tones, within the redolent walls of Ornette Coleman's Harmolodic Studio.  

The message is that of the moment - of awareness and self observation, allowing each moment its full worth. 


A deeply satisfying listening experience - when it's over you wanna play it again...



AKUTAQ  (2010)
Plan B  (2011)
Debut album and Greatest Hits in one!


Literally decades in the waiting (as is the case for many first albums) this is a firework of a release! Musical ideas cascade freely, styles span a wide musical horizon, the mood is definitively celebratory.

Yngvil Vatn Guttu settles on no singular style; she dances from door to door in multiple jazz neighborhoods; latin-inspired bop-ism, swing, funk , lyrical ballad, experimental improv and World  Music. Not every jazz records feature harmonic flute, throat singing and didgeridoo.

AKUTAQ does.  And it works!

AKUTAQ - an Alaska Native word - literally means "MIX IT  UP" and generally refers to a protein-bomb of a dessert made from berries and seal oil. The namesake recording is not a light meal by any standards, but an easily aquired taste, and full of surprises. The 49th state is known for other qualities than its jazz heritage, but these young Alaskan musicians perform at a surprisingly high level. Same goes for the punchy audio production.

AKUTAQ might be another Alaskan game changer - brace yourself, the Alaskans are coming !



Second solo album strikes a cool pose.


Unreleased  tracks from AKUTAQ recording sessions combine nicely with live mixes from Spenard JazzFest in Anchorage.  Plan B achieves a unified laid back vibe.  Live versions of previously issued AKUTAQ tracks invite the listener along to further explore the unique ideas inhabiting Yngvil's compositions. Follow the musicians to the improv gym!

Electric piano is prominent in the mix, an attractive, expansive sound is achieved by experienced mixing engineer Peter Ratner.  "1741" is an epic opener , "Plan B" is the composer's own favorite tune - a truly original composition, "Beauty in 7" evokes a gospel feel, followed by mysterious Kachemak City Light (a song about an optical illusion), a deep plowing version of Akutaq is followed by the odd one out - a  sweet, simple ballad track :"Her".


Peel Back another Layer (2017) Laura Oden

The Lullaby Project (2017)

Patagonia (2015) Sheridan Fox


On The Crosswalk (2014) solo album

Magazine Street (2013) HeidiJo  


Frendeløs (2012) Sibeth Hoff

Downstream (2012) Lars Graugaard/Robert Dick Ensemble

Collaboration with award winning Danish composer, his Max program and NYC based traverse flute improv guru

PLAN B ( 2011) solo album


Rick Zelinsky Live (2010) Rick Zelinsky


Jazz in Alaska (2010) Spenard JazzFest 5th Anniversary

Field of Dreams (2009) Huggett/Wilson Project 

Max Roach Park (2007) Huggett/Wilson Project

Best Jazz Album nomination

South African Music Awards 2008


Desert (2006) Liz Malys


Merry Christmas Alaska (2004) Kurt Riemann


Evelyne Datl (2002) Evelyne Datl


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