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My favorite instrument...

            The WILLOW FLUTE

                               A stick !!!


WILLOW SOUND 5 year manifesto: 

This tiny little instrument  - a bark flute with no finger holes carries a big message - both spiritually, physically and politically...

I learned to play the instrument ( Folk instrument of Norway ) in my teens, and it has been with me ever since as part of my musical, cultural and personal identity


Over the next 5 years I will be going back to my willow roots - exploring  ALL imaginable aspects of  this flute - it's history, it's acoustic properties, it's use, it's international relatives,  it's music, it's raw material (willow,  birch, metal, PVC!) - in short : it's possibilities. And I will record and play with all kinds of musical colleagues , in order to expose this diminutive pipe to relationships it has never experienced before - hopefully giving listeners something new and exciting, and 

In the next few months, I'll be listing new tracks, 

articles etc on a website dedicated to the music and mysteries of the willow flute ... Folow me on the journey !

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